The best weight loss diet, weight loss tips and slimming products
The best weight loss diet, weight loss tips and slimming products

Alli And Weight Loss

Alli and weight loss

Alli is a weight-loss aid containing the medicine, orlistat. At one time orlistat was only available on prescription (as the drug, Xenical) but this was found to be so effective and safe, that it became available over-the-counter without a prescription but at a lower dose. Alli supplies 60mg orlistat, while the prescription version contains 120mg.  Alli is available from and, in the UK, from

Alli weight loss review

Alli’s use as a weight loss aid is backed by scientific research, which confirms that Alli blocks the digestive enzymes (lipases) that break down dietary fat. As a result, you absorb 25% less dietary fat than usual. Clinical trials suggest you can lose 50% more weight with orlistat than when following a low fat, high fibre diet alone. So, for every two pounds in weight you lose by your own efforts, Alli helps you lose at least one pound more. For every 5 pounds you lose through diet and exercise Alli can help you lose 2 to 3 pounds more.

Who can take Alli?

Alli works best in people who have a body mass index (BMI) of 28kg/m2 or more. Use the calculator at the bottom of this page to calculate your BMI.

How do you take Alli?

You take Alli (orlistat) three times a day, with water, immediately before, during or up to one after each main meal. If you don’t eat a meal, or if the meal contains no fat, then you can skip that dose of Alli. Alli starts to work immediately, so that the amount of fat you absorb is reduced, and the amount of fat you lose in your motions increases.

How effective are Alli weight loss pills?

Every gram of fat that Alli stops you absorbing saves you from absorbing 9 kilocalories of energy. Clinical trials involving orlistat show that after 12 weeks, twice as many people lose at least 5% of their weight (5kg if you weigh 100kg) than those taking placebo. Of these, almost half (49%) went on to lose at least 10% of their body weight (10kg if you weigh 100kg). After one year of taking Alli, one in five people reach their weight loss goals.

Studies also show that the weight loss achieved with orlistat can help to prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes.

Alli side effects

Alli is designed to complement a low-fat diet and exercise program. This is important, because if you eat too much fat, then Alli will cause the unabsorbed fat to pass through you. This can lead to embarrassing side effects such as oily anal leakage and smelly wind. But those side effects won’t happen if you stick with a low-fat diet, and many of our patients have gone on to lose a lot of weight with the help of Alli. Very little of the active ingredient, orlistat, is absorbed into the body as it mainly works within the intestines. As a result, other side effects are less common, although some people have reported headaches.

Jenna’s experience with Alli

After having three children, Jenna weighed 84kg (185lbs) and was 1.68m (5’6”) tall, giving her a BMI of 29.7. She was an ideal candidate to try Alli and was keen to get started right away. Jill found it easy to follow a low-fat, high fibre diet by increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables she ate. She lost 4lbs in the first week, then went on to lose approximately one pound a week to achieve a weight loss of over two stones and six dress sizes over four months. She has learned to cook and eat differently and her new habits paid off for her entire family. Jill even found ways to incorporate exercise into her daily routine by using hand weights while her youngest child slept, by walking more, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. She is confident that she will slowly, and safely, reach her goal weight of 146 pounds (66kg) which will bring her into the top of the healthy weight range for her height. From there, she will fine tune her weight and may decide to continue losing a few more pounds if necessary, without going too low.

Where to buy Alli weight loss pills

In the US, Alli is available from  In the UK, Alli is available from You can by 84 x 60mg hard capsules of Alli, which will last you 28 days at a dose of one capsule, three times a day. If you are committed to losing weight however, it’s worth buying three months’ supply, which usually works out cheaper.

BMI Calculator

Use the following calculator to work out your BMI.

Supplied by BMI Calculator USA

Always read the patient information leaflet provided with your medicine. You can read the Alli Patient Information Leaflet here:

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